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This is the load card for the registration. You will pay  1700 php for 2 cards. Then you will put the Data on  their website. But First, you need to have a nike + account, the account we used on our Ipods and fuel band app. When you go to a certain Nike store, their will be registration booth with a laptop and an ipad. You have the freedom to register at Home or on the spot. They have no  sample singlet, however they will measure your body length and advise you to your preferred size.


We are very early at the venue, at exactly 4:30 am we are standing at the baggage counter waiting for the personnel. We stroll out to the main venue which is quite small. For about 20 minutes we went on, on our warm- up drill.

5:30 we are still waiting again. 5:45 the m.c. started to greet up calling a coach to give a warm-up drill. However the coach was bored so they dance to “OPPA GANGNAM STYLE” as a form of warm-up.

6:00 am the gun start for 10k. 6:15 we are very excited to whoop away! The first stop was the color pink! It was very fun and dirty.

Actually there are 5 color to stop that we enjoyed. The route was filled with different colors, on some corners their are bands and dancers. One of the main attraction of the event is the jeeps and a lot of doodle arts. They gave colored powders for particular purpose; that will be happening on the event.

The organizer is PROACTIVE, i’m really disappointed to say that this event is poorly managed. Their are not enough water stations. The venue is not tidy due to the grasses. However this is another unique and fun run to start the year.

The idea is awesome that it gave us, a lot of opportunity to run dirty and wild.


On the Green pit stop, I think that’s the last turn till finish line.


Me and my Bibib(Fiancee) at the finish line wearing our medal.


It’s me at the finish line holding a different color powder packs.


My bibib(fiancee) holding her colorful medal



My last and Fourth Run this 2012. My bibib’s (Fiancee) first time to run at a 10k race. Our basic plan is to run  a TEMPO PACE for 4min and having a 2min rest. At exactly 4:30 we arrived at the VENUE (MOA). 1st things first we went to the baggage counter then went to the starting line and have some warm- up.

5:40am the run started, having the plan in mind we followed it. The sun was a bit rising. The route I thought was synonymous to URBANATHLON, however is was shorter and better.

They have a D.J. playing loud beats music which is really unique and awesome. Every time i reach a D.J corner I goosebumps, my adrenaline was increasing. Their are almost 3 D.J corner at different spots of the route.

Me and my bibib did our best, we finish the race in 1 hour and 40 min. The plan worked out which is great and the training just paid off. After all, the finisher shirt is the best.

The venue at the parking lot 2 has a mini- concert of chicosci, sponge cola, etc. But we are wear off so we left after we got the finisher shirt and ate at KFC.


That’s me on getting my race kit at BGC


Bibib kun getting her race kit.


The race kit.



I think this is one of the coolest singlet’s that was ever made.




I love to run and I love Philosophy. Every time I run I always think about life, and this blog series is about all thoughts that I think of.

Season 1 Episode 1 : WAKING UP… (-.-)

The fact that you wake up this morning is something from God, It’s not a miracle or something special. But it’s what I call providence or Grace from God. Imagine you didn’t wake up this morning, I assumed you are dead. Dead, because you didn’t wake up. You have no life because you didn’t wake up.

For example, somebody stab you while you are sleeping, an insect bite while you are sleeping or the worst case scenario is nightmare.

However do you wonder, that every morning with or without alarm clock you’re waking up. Isn’t that great! Nothing happened to you while you are sleeping.

I hope I made my point, that waking up is a vital element of the cycle of life. (-.-)




This is a concept art that I made for a event. It is simply made with the use of brushes and the right texture background you can download a lot of brushes for photoshop at qbrushes.com!


This is a conceptual art poster for a prayer meeting called prayer jam. I was having this thought in mind that using pictures that are praying, hands, man kneeling is common. That’s why I came up with this kind of idea which is kinda catchy and has a different taste.


sConcept art is really about ideas and imagination for a particular product.


I learn something cool in a tutorial about TYPOGRAPHY! And this is the product that i produce when I try it out. And right now I’m creating a new blog for my graphic portfolio. I hope I can finish that blog.


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